Holliday... Celebrate...

Another Channel swimmer - awesome effort
It is with great pleasure that I announce the successful Channel swim of Simon Holliday (see what I did now with the title? very clever), of Gozo fame and many other posts on here. He completed his swim last night in a time of 15hours 2minutes. This was an excellent swim in, what I am led to believe, pretty bumpy conditions – winds up to 22mph and waves reaching almost 3metres. He kept on going even when relay teams were being pulled out of the water due to the swell.

Congratulations Simon, I am absolutely chuffed for you!

There are just 2 of our Gozo group to go now, Lorcan and myself. Lorcan will undoubtedly smash it, and I plan to do the same. Mine will be a much, much slower smash, but a smash none-the-less. There is also Ange of course, who although not on the Swimtrek trip with us, has managed to worm her way into our group with her constant excitement. Due to this she will also get a post on here. She is incredibly lucky…

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